Instagram Shoppable Posts Strategy

The Complete Guide to Getting Your Shoppable Posts Ranked at the Top of The Hashtag Search Results

Learn how to leverage Thousands of Micro Influencers to get your Instagram Shoppable Post ranked at the top of the hashtag search results!

Every day, thousands… no… millions of people search Instagram for the crap they want to buy. Instagram is a great way to see trends in fashion and design so naturally, consumers search Instagram for wardrobe inspiration. The advent of “Shoppable Posts” on Instagram was a godsend for product marketers. Until then, the platform was merchant agnostic. It almost seemed like Instagram was trying to make their platform unappealing to product marketers with little to no budget. Until now, product marketers were forced to use Instagram’s ad platform to find and engage customers.

Targeting Users with High Purchase Intent

Something big was missing however… the ability to target customers with the most value, those actively searching for stuff to buy. Targeting users by past interests might lead to some sales but catching consumers in their time of discovery is much more advantageous. It leads to higher conversion rates and a lower cost of customer acquisition as the customers intent to purchase is much higher if they are actively searching for your product.

Ideally, you should want to present your products to customers when they are searching for them. On Instagram, this would be in the Hashtag search results. If someone is looking for “Sneakers” and your “Shoppable Post” is at the top of the search results, you’re going to generate some sales. Getting your post to rank at the top of the search results has been difficult for a lot of brands. Micro Influencers can make that much easier by overcoming all the ranking barriers standing in your way.

What are Instagram Shoppable Posts?

Great question. Shoppable posts allow customers the ability to tap on a shopping bag icon located over the picture of a product they are interested in. With just one tap they can see a products price. Tap on the price and it takes you to a shopping cart where, if your credit card info is tied to your Facebook account, you can checkout in very few clicks. There are some huge advantages to this as I will explain below:

Reduces cart attrition — If you have been in product marketing for a while and use analytics to measure shopping cart attrition, you’ll know that it’s a real problem. If your checkout process requires a lot of steps, you lose customers at each step along the way. Instagram shoppable posts eliminates numerous steps of the checkout process and allows the customer to checkout in under a minute in most cases.

Discoverable in Hashtag Search Results — Being found in the hashtag search results for keywords like “Sneakers” puts you in front of customers with the highest intent to purchase ratio.

No Ad Dollars Required — It doesn’t cost any money to use and promote shoppable posts. This make them great for brands on a budget.


If you aren’t convinced by now that you should be using Instagram Shoppable posts, you should consider quitting your job and hiding under a rock. These things are powerful when you take the following example into consideration. One of our clients is a big Yoga Apparel brand. They sell these awesome Yoga Pants and of course were convinced to create a promote shoppable posts. The Hashtag #YogaPants gets over 250,000 impressions an hour for just this one hashtag. But, remember. You can add 15–30 Hashtags to your Instagram post. Over all the major Yoga related hashtags on Instagram, there are over 15 Million Impressions per hour.

Being the marketing geniuses that we are, we leveraged over 4,500 Micro Influencers to like and comment on our customers Shoppable post. This shot it to the top of the hashtag search results and in 10 hours, we had sold over $45,000 in Yoga Apparel. We also generated over 30,000 new organic followers.

The trick to getting your shoppable post at the top of the hashtag search results is likes and comments. It’s that simple. I could explain all of the nuances of Instagram’s ranking algorithm, but it all boils down to engagement in bigger numbers than the posts competing for space on the same hashtags. Without a massive number of highly engaged followers, the only way to get your Shoppable post ranked is by using Micro Influencers. This is where the growth hacking strategies come into play.


Finding Micro Influencers is easier than you think. I use Facebook ads manager to find and sign up Influencers who are genuinely interested in the products and services I’m trying to promote. It’s possible to acquire Influencers for as little as .28 cents each if you target the right influencers and set up your ads correctly. This is a very precise process that is explained in great detail in another article I created. It will walk you through the entire process from A-Z and gives you greater insight into how Facebook Ads manager works and some best practices. InstagramCourses offers an in-depth course on how to set up and run Facebook and Instagram Ads to sign up Micro Influencers. See the course info below!


This course will teach you how to set up and run Facebook & Instagram ads that target your niche customers, incentivize them to sign up for your campaign and acquire them for as little as .34 cents each. This course includes an indepth case study that shows you how we acquired over 10,000 Yoga Influencers for a brand that we launched a few years ago.

*This course is part of our Foundation Series and completion is required before our advanced courses can be taken


Once you’ve acquired your Micro Influencers, it’s now time to get them liking and sharing your Shoppable post. The best way to engage Influencers is by running a “Spokesperson Casting”. The premise is that you are looking for a new spokesperson who will represent your brand in social media. Influencers earn points for doing things that help promote your products like getting them ranked in the hashtag search results. The Influencer who earns the most points at the end of the contest wins a cash prize.

You can offer whatever amount you want but I would recommend $1,500 to $5,000. There is an entire article dedicated to incentivizing Influencers and running contests. You should read the article as it walks you through the entire process of setting up the campaign, creating content, email and text messaging drips and so much more. You won’t be able to run a successful Shoppable posts campaign without following the steps in the free course linked below:


The relevant steps in the article as it relates to Shoppable posts is that you should drip them into your feed while running your Influencer campaign. Each time you drip in a new Shoppable Post, you should email Influencers a link to the post and tell them to like it and comment on it. Follow up the email with a text message blast containing the link to the shoppable post. They will simply have to click the link, and then like the post and leave a comment on it. Sending out the text message blast will result in a much higher percentage of your Influencers taking these actions.

With enough Influencers liking and commenting on your post, it should rank as soon as you generate more likes and comments than the top ranked posts on your hashtags. As your posts start to lose their rankings, simply drip another one in and blast out your email and text message. Then just sit back and enjoy all the new sales you’re generating!


Learn how to Leverage the power of Thousands of Micro Influencers to grow your business on Instagram and other social media platforms