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Amazons Search Result Algorithms Revealed

Ever wonder how Amazon ranks products in the search results? This Article exposes how their algorithms work and how you can use Micro Influencers to show the Algorithms what they want to see to get your products ranked on the first page of the search results!

Hacking Instagrams Hashtag Search Results

Ranking in the Hashtag Search Results is the best way to get in front of high purchase intent consumers on Instagram. Learn how to get your Shoppable post ranked on popular Hashtags your customers are searching to find your products and how to rank with Influencers

Instagram Shoppable Post Strategy

Learn how to get your Instagram Shoppable Posts ranked at the top of the Hashtag Search Results on high purchase Intent Hashtags shoppers are searching to find your products. Learn how Instagram ranks posts based off factors you can manipulate with Influencers